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Our Services

Consulting & Custom Development Services

The technological needs of healthcare providers have grown exponentially in recent years. New technologies are improving upon existing systems, and healthcare organizations are rapidly adopting them to keep pace. To help these organizations keep pace with the ever changing industry, Comlogik established our Enterprise Services division. The Enterprise Services team possess decades of combined experience in medical billing and office management, as well as a wide range of healthcare and information technology (IT) backgrounds, degrees and certifications.

Contact our Enterprise Services team today to learn more about how Comlogik can help you with your information technology needs.

Project Management

Customer satisfaction goes far beyond providing a timely and smooth implementation of your software. It requires that a company provide the highest level of post-installation customer support. To ensure that our customers receive the attention they deserve, Comlogik assigns a Project Manager to assist them with their system installation and routine follow-ups. Comlogik Project Managers act as a liaison between your organization and our technical support and training departments. Our Project Managers are trained professionals with backgrounds in healthcare, consulting, and information technology.

Project Managers are tasked with arranging your software installation with our technical staff, scheduling your product training, and coordinating any data conversions or custom programming. Additionally, your Project Manager will help prepare you for sending electronic transactions to the various payers.

Systems Analysis & Design

Healthcare organizations need a company in the industry who already understands what is required of an IT infrastructure. Comlogik has developed an in-depth analysis methodology that helps us make recommendations for your future IT needs based on your current infrastructure and planned business growth strategies. Recommendations can range from creating or expanding a wide-area network to connect remote service sites to centralizing a billing office over a private network in a real-time environment.

Regardless of what your technological needs and goals are, Comlogik can identify ways to reduce administrative overhead and waste, lessen the impact of errors, and ultimately improve your bottom line while increasing the level of care you provide.

Data Conversion

If you are switching to Comlogik from another management software or billing service you will need to decide what to do with your existing data. Building your master data files is one of the most important parts of the implementation process, and it is something that should be considered during the first week after purchasing your software.

There are essentially two choices to satisfy your data conversion needs: you convert the data manually or outsource the process to Comlogik. Allowing Comlogik to handle your data conversion will enable you to have all of your data available when you go live with your new system. Comlogik data conversion can save you a significant amount of time and human resources, and will not interfere with your every day office procedures. Manually entering your existing data, on the other hand, is an extremely time consuming process with a high risk of error.

Comlogik performs two types of data conversions: a Patient Demographic Conversion and a Detailed Conversion. The demographic conversion imports basic patient information such as name, address, phone number, and social security number. It may also include the patient's insurance company and physician if such information is available. In a detailed conversion, our programmers attempt to acquire all of your existing data, including the financial histories for your patients, insurance companies and physicians. Detailed conversions are often difficult to perform and Comlogik recommends that you carefully audit the results of any complete conversion.

Ask your Comlogik representative about what may be the best course of action for your Data Conversion.

Custom Programming

The needs of healthcare professionals are always changing, and for this reason the software they use is constantly evolving. Comlogik understands that while our software includes the features necessary to operate a successful business, there may sometimes be a need for additional functionality. That's why our Enterprise Services Team are ready to provide custom programming services to our customers.

If you can conceive some additional product functionality that you feel will benefit your business, chances are our team can develop it. Whether it is a work flow feature, custom report, or a 3rd party software interface, our team of professionals can produce the results your looking for on schedule and cost effectively. Our development staff includes designers, programmers and project managers with vast experience in systems analysis and design, systems integration, Internet/intranet program development, and n-tier and object based programming.