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Enterprise Services Team

Providing Strategic Solutions for Healthcare and Business Information Technology Information management plays a critical role in today's competitive healthcare and business environment. The growth of integrated delivery networks has created an urgent demand for technology that can manage and share information across disparate systems. To address the complex needs of these clients, Comlogik created our Enterprise Services Team. Members come equipped with a wide range of healthcare and IT backgrounds, such as Network Administration, Systems Integration and Programming. Our Enterprise Services Team works with your business goals to design and implement flexible strategies you can grow with.

Practice Management Software
The HIMS™ (Hospital Information & Management System)
The HIMS™ offers scalable Windows-based Practice Management Applications with Managed Care functionality. Designed for provider organizations with extensive information management and data flow requirements, these 32-bit systems are DOH & PHIC compliant, and are continuously enhanced to assure your competitive edge in the rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Enterprise-Wide Area Networking
Virtual Private Networks
Comlogik utilizes the Internet and thin-client technology to connect healthcare organizations with a multitude of internal and external resources. These private data networks use encryption, authentication, firewalls and other security measures to enable the sharing of protective data across applications.

Internet-Based Products:
Alumni Group Archival & Retrieval™
Comlogik is creating an interactive system for Alumni members in any organization. This Virtual Alumni system provides the means for sharing information, storing data for future use and making pledges or donations to their group within a secure Intranet of specified users.

Web Hosting and Design For a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing materials, your office can establish a strong professional identity on the Internet and also take advantage of the unlimited potential of Internet-based products and services.

Systems Integration:
ComTalk integration tools allow you to build upon your existing hardware and software Investments. Eliminate vendor-to-vendor custom interfaces and make information easy to access, regardless of the source.

Applications Development High-quality custom programming and applications development are provided by the Enterprise Services Team. We utilize object-oriented programming to ensure your application will readily adapt to industry changes, interface with ease and perform reliably for years to come.

If you require more than a medical or business software package, our Information Technology Division provides turnkey solutions for medical or business offices needing hardware, systems design and integration and custom programming.