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PhilHealth Information & Management System (PIMS)

The PhilHealth Information & Management System or PIMS manages all accounts chargeable to PhilHealth as well as handling claims and generates reports with statistics. The system is seamlessly linked to Comlogik HIMS Edge (Hospital Information & Management System) but can run independently or as a standalone system. It has also a built-in POV (PhilHealth Online Verification System) which allows easy access to PhilHealth database to facilitate immediate information if patient is member or not and has an updated contributions. It can generate reports like the Monthly Mandatory and Logbooks in a breeze.

PIMS Advantages

1. Higher Patient Satisfaction

Healthcare is an increasingly consumer-driven industry, and patients experiences matter. It creates a smoother, more efficient patient care process with less wait time. Your staff can concentrate on delivering the best care and service rather than chasing resources or planning the next step in the patient care process.

2. Less Waiting Time

Less waiting time for patients and employees because all charges are posted in real time ensuring faster generation of PhilHealth deductions.

3. Immediate delivery of documents

In the computerized process, once the PhilHealth deductions are processed, transmittal generation can be done in only a matter of minutes due to the systems capability to capture all previously deductions in one report.

4. Greater Employee Productivity

Delays between patient care events lead to task redundancy and idle time for staff. It automatically triggers actions, decreasing wait time between patient care events. It reduces confusion and repeated communication.

5. Higher Staff Satisfaction and Morale

It helps the billing staff, business office personnel and PhilHealth clerks avoid burnout and frustration by reducing the need for rework and repetitive communication. Your staff can concentrate on other equally important matter rather than status communication.

6. Tamper Deterrent

Because data are secured and equipped with audit trail features, employees are aware and cautious on their actions.

7. Eliminate errors in Billing and other charging care units.

Since all charges are cleared remotely before discharge. Frequent errors like double charging are likely to happen.

8. Accuracy of Data

Medical Practitioner’s and Hospital staff rely on Information gathered directly from the patient, it is essential that these facts are precise and this can be done through direct input of data to the computer to do away with mistakes.

9. Safer data

New users often fret over the potential for lost data due to system malfunctions. With a well-designed and tested backup scheme and disaster recovery system, a computer-based record is much more reliable and less prone to data loss than conventional paper-based records.

PhilHealth Eligibility Web Services (PEWS) for easy access to PhilHealth repository of members and eligibility status viewer.
Send your electronic Claim Form 1 and Claim Form 2 in a breeze that includes automatic computation of deductible medicines, supplies & services.
PhilHealth Online Verification System (POV) for monitoring and verification of submitted electronic claims status.
Generate Claim Form 4 (CF4) in a fly since HIMS is already linked and data are automatically updated in Claims Assure Software (eClaims Transmittal System)
PHIC Requirements completion easy tagging
Automatic Deductions process based on PNDF (formulary)
PhilHealth Payment History
Paid & Unpaid Claims
Patients with No Transmittal
Transmittal Status
RVU Explorer
ICD 10 Explorer


PhilHealth Deductions Processing
PhilHealth Enhanced Claim Form 2 Processing


“I work for a general hospital wherein we have 6-10 PhilHealth Clerk who used to process and generate the transmittal report that we send to the PhilHealth Regional Office every week here in our area. Part of the package we bought with Comlogik hospital information system is the PhilHealth Information & Management System and this is for compliance reasons. The practice management portion of this program is very user friendly and very easy to use. As with any program, the initial set up is time consuming, but after that it is a breeze. I like the ease of entering information and the many fields for information entry. Customer service has been great and the help section of the program as well as the systems manual is very helpful. I like that I do not have to select the medicines and services if they are compliant since the system does it for me in a breeze. The patient information is accessible all from one page rather than navigating to several screens like our last program. I definitely feel like we made the right choice with Comlogik."
Johnvik Villadarez IT Manager San Antonio Medical CenterLipa City