Customer Support

For over thirteen years, Comlogik has maintained the philosophy that a high quality product should be backed with excellent customer service. Customer support is extremely important to us, and we firmly believe that we provide a superior level of service versus other practice management vendors. Comlogik starts by providing a one year free technical support as part of our basic package. This includes technical issues as well as the "How To" type questions users often have when implementing something new. Comlogik support also includes product upgrades, which we provide anytime for the package they availed.

Customer Support Features
  • A Project Manager is assigned the moment you purchase our software. This person oversees your system implementation from assisting with your software installation to providing a timely response to your inquiries.

  • Our certified support staff addresses all of your information management issues, such as software installation, modules testing and system diagnostic tests.

  • Clients receiving Comlogik customer support are entitled to an unlimited number of support requests, which includes not only technical assistance, but also "How To" answers from our help desk.

  • Healthcare professionals receiving customer support have 24-hour access to our extensive online help system in addition to being provided with our step-by-step user manuals and comprehensive tutorials.

  • Unlimited product updates are provided as part of your support. This can result in substantial savings when compared to other vendors who charge for a required updates or classify an update as an upgrade to justify the fee. The HIMS™ Suite is continually updated with new enhancements, reports, and regulatory requirements from PHIC, DOH and other influences.

  • For clients which cannot be attended within the day, we provide immediate support by using a Virtual Access wherein we can manage the servers from our site and assist the users by remotely controlling their systems and fixing their problems directly.

  • A live representative handles your inquiries.
  • Customer Support Options
    Technical Support Agreements

  • Unlimited telephone support for answers to technical problems that develop in operating the software.

  • A live representative handles all requests.

  • Unlimited updates are also provided to all support customers. This is a valuable offer, as the systems are continually updated with new reports, enhancements and changes due to PHIC and other influences.

  • Per-incident Report

  • The above services are also available on a per-incident or hourly basis for those customers who elect not to have a customer support contract with Comlogik. Product updates and enhancements are covered by a seperate contract.
  • Training Options

    Comlogik offers several training options to suit your budget and needs. With our comprehensive on-line help system, easy to follow manuals and excellent customer support services, anyone with a basic understanding of Windows can create reports in a few hours.

    ComLogik Corporate Offices

    Comprehensive training is available at Comlogik's corporate facilities in Quezon City, Philippines. One-on-one training can be scheduled in advance by contacting our office.

    On-site training at your office

    Comlogik training representatives are available for on-site training at your facility. This allows for direct assistance and supervision with all aspects of system operations, from basic setup to complex report generation.

    On-line Training

    On-line training is a unique option available for beginner or advanced users. We utilize remote communications software to access your system and provide detailed, interactive training.

    Training Outline

    Training for any software of Comlogik is designed to ensure that your system is operational in the shortest time possible.

    A. Level - Setup & Data Entry Getting Started
    Getting Started
  • Elements of the Main Screen, including Title Bar, Menus & Toolbars
  • Controls and Navigation
  • System File
  • Setting up system information (users, security, other preferences)
  • Hospital File
  • Hospital File Windows & Data Pages
  • Updating & Modifying Hospital information
  • Add new information
  • Data Lists (Menu) & Codes
  • Description of each Data List
  • Access & Update Data List information
  • Sorting files and Locate/Seek for records
  • Adding new entries to Data Lists
  • Warehouse, Category, Products, Kit & Receive Codes
  • B. Level 2 - Patient & Inventory Control
    Patient Registration Process
  • Patient File Windows & Data Pages
  • Sorting files and Locate/Seek for records
  • Accessing Tabs/Pages (E.g. - Index Tab, Insurance Tab)
  • Add new Patient
  • Access & Update Patient information
  • Recalls
  • Inventory File
  • Inventory Maintenance
  • Add new parts from vendors
  • Updating Quantity
  • Tracking
  • C. Level 3 - Orders & Claims Processing
    Order Processing
  • Order Windows & Data Pages
  • Creating new order's
  • Deliveries
  • Order Auto Claims
  • PhilHealth Claims Processing
  • Review PHIC claim entry
  • Claim Windows and Data Pages
  • Claim Transaction Entry
  • Claim Status (Hold, Bill to and Last Bill Date)
  • Charge Entry/Charge Groups
  • Co-Payments
  • Recurring Claims
  • Set-up Duplicate claims
  • Generate Recurring claims
  • D. Level 4 - Payments & Patient Billing
    Posting Payments
  • Single - posted directly to claim
  • Automatic - PhilHealth Remittance Notices
  • Additional Payments - Adjustments, Refunds, etc.
  • Patient Invoices
  • Generate & print individual
  • Updating Claim Status
  • Patient Statements
  • Generate & print individual & batch
  • Process of billing Patients
  • E. Level 5 - Reports
  • Inventory
  • Orders
  • Electronic Billing
  • Setup of Claims
  • Create Claim Files
  • Transmit Claim Files
  • Retrieve Reports (Claim Status, Rejects etc.)