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Workforce™ (HRIS) & Payroll Manager™

Workforce™ (HRIS) manages the full employment lifecycle specializing in the needs for both medical and non-medical personnel. Since all employee information can be viewed online, the need to retrieve employee’s information will be as convenient in contrast to using manually documented data’s. Features of the Workforce™ includes the capture of extensive credential and career information and HR processes such as online performance appraisal reporting, grade and salary scale management and position profiling.

Payroll Manager™ is a combined Payroll and DTR System that automates payroll computation while making recording and retrieval of employee records fast and easy. With Payroll Manager™, it lets you be in command of your payroll processing for more flexibility and control, with quick and easy access to the critical data you need, when you need it. By eliminating data discrepancies and ensuring the consistent application of your organization's pay rules, Payroll Manager™ help you achieve accurate payroll processing.

Workforce™ (HRIS) & Payroll Manager™ Advantages

1. Data Storage

The system can store a large collection of databases on employees and employee issues. Such databases include employee names, their contact information, payroll info, professional or non-professional training they received and others.

2. Availability of Information

In the computerized process, all the information about the employees are registered and kept on the computer. Hence it is very easy to retrieve any information on any parameter or a combination of any number of parameters.

3. Reporting

Perhaps the biggest benefit that the use of WorkForce™ adds to a business is its ability to create reports and presentations. The system typically holds all information surrounding the firm’s human resources initiatives. It also holds data regarding the salary and incentive compensation of each staff member. Because these figures are held in one database, a business owner possesses the capability of running a variety of detailed reports that encompass some or all of this information. For example, when looking to hire additional staff, he can run a report of past candidates who possess a specific skill set and by using the Applicant Tracker Module. Alternatively, he can run a compensation report to obtain needed information when preparing the annual budget.

4. Recruitment

In support of a firm’s staffing efforts, WorkForce™ provide a sophisticated interface allowing its use by both internal employees, as well as external job applicants. It allows candidates for open positions to submit their resumes and contact information to a potential employer from a remote computer. The system then collects the information and archives it so it is easily accessible by the hiring manager. When seeking candidates, the manager is able to perform detailed searches of collected resumes, using a variety of queries, including location, level of education, years of professional experience and technical skill set. In addition, the software also allows current employees to electronically apply for new positions.

5. Less Space

As there are no manual records required to be kept and everything is in digital form, it requires much less paper and space.

6. Greater Employee Productivity

Delays of salaries and schedules of evaluation lead to task redundancy and idle time for staff. It reduces confusion and repeated communication efforts by automatically communicating the status of employees and resources.

7. Higher Staff Satisfaction and Morale

It helps the employees avoid burnout and frustration by reducing the need for rework and repetitive communication.

8. Tamper Deterrent

Because data’s are secured and equipped with audit trail features, employees are aware and cautious on their actions.

9. Legibility of record

Handwritten notes is notoriously difficult to read. On-screen or printed text is often far more legible than handwriting.

10. Safer data

New users often fret over the potential for lost data due to system malfunctions. With a well-designed and tested backup scheme and disaster recovery system, a computer-based record is much more reliable and less prone to data loss than conventional paper-based records.

Core Features

Qualification and credential tracking

Online access to employee and doctor profiles simplifies the verification and validation of educational qualifications, details of board certifications, licences, memberships and practicing privileges.

Online manager and employee Self Service

Allows managers to easily access accurate and real time employee and payroll information and provides employees with the ability to update their own records and perform processes such as online requests for leave.

Position management

Allows users to manage the organization's position profile, create new temporary or permanent positions and assign employees to vacancies supporting company-wide strategic management decisions

Grade and salary scale Management

Provides comprehensive data for corporate job evaluation and salary analysis features including grading structure and associated salary ranges and percentage of salary exceptions for each grade level.

Online appraisal reporting

Performance issues can be easily analyzed and monitored on an individual and collective basis enabling employees' objectives to be kept in-line with corporate goals

Queries and reports

Enhance management information and retrieval of enterprise-wide statistics on employee data.

Online leave records

Accommodate comprehensive leave policies and packages by generating leave packages and entitlements, adjusting leave balances and allowing online employee leave requests from the Employee Self Service feature.

Enhanced user access and security

Enables automatic addition of employees/doctors to Windows 2012 user domain when they are appointed onto the system. Specific user or group access rights based upon individual or group privileges defined in the HR System.
Workforce™ (HRIS) key features
Employee’s 201 File
Appointment Scheduler
Training Scheduler
Travel Order
Company Profile
Travel Order
List of Employees Report
Workforce Inventory
SSS, PhilHealth & Pag-ibig Members
Payroll Manager™ Key Features
Time keeping using biometric devices
Unlimited number of Users, Positions & Department
Automatic Computation of 13th Month
Maintains Sick & Vacation Leave (with pay) Balance
Maintains Emergency Leave (with pay) Balance
Maintains Maternity Leave (with pay) Balance
Automatic deduct from balance if leave is used and many more...
Printable reports
Pay slip
Contribution Payment Return
Payroll Report
Payroll Journal Entry
SSS and EC Contribution report
Withholding Tax report
13TH month
Alpha List Report
Tax Refund and many more...


Employee Data
Memo Creator
Payroll Transaction


“We are happy with Comlogiks’ HRIS™, it does what we need it to. It is very user friendly. We have had very few problems with the system. The support is always available. It is a high quality product...”
Danny Fabricante IT Manager Patients First Medical CenterGlorietta 3 Ayala Center, Makati