Comlogik Business Systems, Inc.

Who We Are

Comlogik Business Systems, a Philippine based software development company that established its operation in the year 1999 with a vision to be a Global Technology Company. We are young, dynamic, free thinking individuals with diverse tastes, aesthetics, opinions and backgrounds. We have all come together to coevolve in a company whose foundation is built on mutual trust, passion, and drive for what we do and enthusiasm for the systems we create. We work with amazing partners. We believe we are an exceptional team that works hard to do things the right way and have fun doing it.

We lead by innovation Comlogik led the way in developing innovative applications like online hospital services wherein patients can access their billing as well as the examination results, while your Administrators can access their reports and your Doctors their patient’s records anywhere and anytime they need to.

We exceed your expectation Comlogik is proud to say that we’ve broken new grounds by providing direct access to people who are actually doing the work. We provide access numbers to our developers and project managers after completing the system implementation in order to facilitate a quick and timely response to your inquiries and requests. Aside from the 24/7 web and live support we forged with our clients, we now have our “ Lifetime Online Support Warranty “ because we believe you deserve more.

Why Choose Us

Best Economics Cheapest price in the market compared to other software in terms of features, easy to own payment scheme all lead to a lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

Money Back Guarantee The only provider that guarantees money back on their investment if you are dissatisfied with the product or think that your hospital computerization needs were not met.

Best Practices HIMS™ was developed thru integration of the best hospital practices coming from the different processes of our clients.

Captures the Entire Cycle of the Patient From the moment the patient arrives, all transactions are stored in a single database providing real time data across applications throughout the hospital.

Quick Deployment So much for the ‘phased-in’ approach, HIMS™ can be deployed in a matter of weeks.

Lifetime Free UpgradesYour software will never be obsolete because of our commitment to continually update and improve the system.

Lifetime  Warranty No other provider can give assurance that their product will run efficiently for a longer period of time.

Low Hardware RequirementsCan run on the lowest running computer hardware to do away with the rising cost of its parts.

User-friendly Undoubtedly the easiest to use with its point & click function and the adoption of GUI (Graphical User Interface) which is the standards for any Windows© applications.

DOH & PHIC Compliant Generates the DOH Statistical Reports on demand as well as the PHIC form 2 including deductions, to eliminate backlog that is typical in a manual setup.

Secure DatabaseDifferent setup of security procedures are done to get rid of unauthorized users while another is also applied on users to allow partial or full access depending on the login rights given by the Administrator.

Fully IintegratedHIMS™ is the ONLY locally developed software that provides fully integrated back office functionality in addition to a full Human Resources Management and Payroll system.

Modular HIMS™ can be implemented hospital-wide or department-wide by selecting modules based on the needs of the hospital. Whichever method users choose to deploy, HIMS™ can always be assured of interoperability and scalability.

Free Add-Ons & Modifications HIMS™ understands the peculiarities of each hospital. To address each unique setup, It allows adding of functions not available and modifications to adjust to the needs of the hospital.

24/7 Support Comlogik offers the only 24/7 online and onsite support for HIMS™ that is unrivaled in the market. With this, Remote Access to your computers will allow quick response time and solution is swift. Just login to our website and you can easily access our 24/7 online support.

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Vision & Mission

Our Vision To make make people's lives better through Information Technology.

Our Mission To provide an affordable exceptional Product, quality service, and giving Our one hundred and ten percent (110%) For customer satisfaction. To do this We must earn continuing loyalty of Customers by providing superior Value in a way that is profitable to us.

Our Values

People Hire outstanding, motivated people — they are our greatest assets. Provide high-quality training to our company associates to allow them to make the most of our systems. Recognize and reward superior performance. Encourage innovation.

Teamwork The company will benefit most if we work together as a team. Our success depends on our ability to work effectively as an efficient team.

Quality Pursue the highest quality service as defined by our customers. Continually strive to improve the quality of our services, products, and systems. Be flexible to change if it can help improve quality. Focus on the goal of quality results.

Customer Satisfaction Be responsive to the needs of our customers. Give them quality service beyond their expectations. Our customers' needs define our company and our jobs and their satisfaction is critical to our continued success. Help them to feel that they made a good decision when they chose to employ us. The end product of our services is the satisfaction of our customers.

Focus on Results Focus on quality results. Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers and the profitability of our company.

Flexibility Be open to new ideas and change — our future depends on it.